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Triloka Amber

I apologize for all these negative reviews and hate to add yet another one to the mix but Amber from Triloka is a miss. It smelled promising unlit and was hand rolled very evenly– always a good sign– so I … Continue reading

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Sree Gajanana Sandal Flora

My order from Exotic Incense came today so I picked out Sandal Flora from Sree Gajanana Perfumery Works to try out even tho it’s late and I’ve got a stuffy nose. Sadly even with my cold the only thing I … Continue reading

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Baieido Kokonoe (regular)

Kokonoe from Baieido is comes in both a regular and a smokeless version. Tonight I am burning the regular Kokonoe and I can’t say I’m enjoying it. I’ve never been fond of the smell of daffodils or narcissus which are … Continue reading

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The Mother’s Yajna Nag Champa

Such a disappointment! Reader Terra warned me that she had a bad experience with The Mother’s Nag Champa line– and now so have I. Yajna Nag Champa smells great as an unlit stick– forestry and cool with a slight lit … Continue reading

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Satya Supreme Vanilla

When I was ordering a few of  Natural line incenses, I threw in Satya Supreme Vanilla just to see what it was like. Vanillin, which is the primary chemical that makes vanilla smell like vanilla, is pretty cheap so I … Continue reading

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Satya Natural Jasmine

This is the first Satya incense that I’ve reviewed… a little surprising because the Satya company makes some wildly popular incenses  like the famous blue box Nag Champa and Super Hit. The reason I’ve stayed away from Satya is because … Continue reading

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Happi Hari King of Amber

King of Amber by Happi Hari is not a Western style amber in the labdanum/rock rose vein or an Indian “pink amber”. I’m having hard time connecting this to amber at all but King of Amber immediately reminded me of … Continue reading

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Baieido Rose Sawayaka

I was interested to hear that Rose Sawayaka from Baieido actually uses rose attar, something I would have expected to be at odds with the Japanese concept of rose given how intense and dark it is*. Unsurprisingly ,the amount used … Continue reading

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Auroshikha Natural Resin (various)

I’m not giving these their own posts as they do not deserve to be mentioned outside of a warning to not buy them. These are some truly awful incenses. They all smell like bad, dirty  campfires but each has a … Continue reading

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The Mother’s Golden Amber

Despite being inexpensive The Mother’s Golden Amber is terrific. It’s not a resinous labdanum/rock rose smell (which is what amber normally means in Western perfumery) but rather a sweet, warm, almost creamy smell without any resin at all. Mike over … Continue reading

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Baieido Lavender Sawayaka

Baieido says that their Lavender Sawayaka contains French lavender oil but mysteriously it has no presence in the incense. Like Baikundo Lavender, it smells pleasant but I’m left wondering why they decided to name it lavender. Instead of the refreshing, … Continue reading

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Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee by Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory is a mild musk incense. The sticks are hand rolled, thick, and a little soft. They put out a fair amount of smoke so they seem to be designed for larger, perhaps public … Continue reading

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Balaji Chandanam

Balaji’s Chandanam is a disappointment. Unlit, the wood powder coated stick is very smelly: creamy sandalwood with a big lime based toilet cleaner accord… Yikes! Burning of course did not improve things. I got that greasy petrochemical note I often … Continue reading

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Auroshikha Frankincense and Myrrh

Auroshikha Natural Resin Incense in Frankincense and Myrrh does indeed smell natural. Unfortunately the quality of the resins is very poor and the resulting incense smells awful. It consists of mostly of bad frankincense which I would describe as being … Continue reading

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Shroff Vanilla Balsam take 2

The last time I reviewed Shroff Vanilla Balsam, it struck me as dry and didn’t really appeal to me. Now I find it delightfully light and crisp with a subtle sweetness and soft vanilla presence. The wood base is still … Continue reading

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Incense Traders is now up!

I’ve got some great news– we now have a place for trades, group buys, splits, and general discussion of incense: IncenseTraders on Wikidot! I warn you the forum is pretty basic… but I hope it will grow into something helpful … Continue reading

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Happy Hari King of Myrrh

As much as love sweet things, I have always had a soft spot for myrrh which like coffee, has a kind of delicious bitterness. The smell of myrrh is sophisticated and balsamic-resinous in addition to being aromatically bitter. It’s gorgeous … Continue reading

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Awaji Island Forest by Shorindo

At last I can smell again! I thought I would get back into the swing of things with a soft incense: Forest made by Shorindo for Awaji Island. The first thing that stuck me about Forest was the absolute lack … Continue reading

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Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory Lobhan

Lobhan is benzoin resin but Lobhan Agarbatti from Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory doesn’t have that characteristic vanillic smell to my nose. Oddly it’s a bit acrid up close, but as it wafts around it teeters on the edge of likeability … Continue reading

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Happy Hari Queen of Lotus

Happi Hari Queen of Lotus is a unique take on the lotus flower. Unlike traditional incenses of this type, Queen of Lotus skips the woods and spices and opens up into a distinctive floral creatively supported by an accord I … Continue reading

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