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Sree Gajanana Sandal Flora

My order from Exotic Incense came today so I picked out Sandal Flora from Sree Gajanana Perfumery Works to try out even tho it’s late and I’ve got a stuffy nose. Sadly even with my cold the only thing I … Continue reading

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Balaji Chandanam

Balaji’s Chandanam is a disappointment. Unlit, the wood powder coated stick is very smelly: creamy sandalwood with a big lime based toilet cleaner accord… Yikes! Burning of course did not improve things. I got that greasy petrochemical note I often … Continue reading

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Balaji Chandan

I can’t say much about the sandalwood that Balaji  Chandan is supposed to smell like  because a heavy crude oil note ruined the incense for me. I think I got thru about 15% of the stick before I had to put … Continue reading

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Shroff Sandal Flora

After experiencing  Shroff’s spectacular dry masala Red Sandal, I knew I had to try their other offerings. Greedily, I ordered 6 more of their dry masalas. The first one I tried captured my heart. It’s Shroff Sandal Flora and like … Continue reading

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Unkown Maker Jasmine and Sandalwood from China

I’ve been curious about Chinese incense but haven’t been able to try any yet since no one really seems to stock it. Mysterious, since it seems like you can get just about anything from China… At any rate,  when I … Continue reading

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Shroff Red Sandal

Shroffs are a favorite at ORS (make sure you check out the extensive 16 part review of the line) so I knew I had to give them a try. Shroff makes a number of different styles of incense so I … Continue reading

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Fred Soll Lovely Lavender and New Mexico Sandalwood

I had some hesitation about trying Fred Soll because I was worried what their “hand dipped” tag implied. Hand dipped incenses normally use charcoal punks which to me, have an unpleasant smell. But Fred Soll gets great reviews over at … Continue reading

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Shunkodo Shun Koh Sen

Shun Koh Sen, according to the ad copy, is a blend of Indian sandalwood and Chinese medicinal herbs. Given the state of Indian sandalwood availability I was worried that it might be lacking. Was I ever wrong! Shun Koh Sen … Continue reading

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Pure Incense Sandalwood (Connoisseur version)

Sandalwood (Connissuer version) from  Pure Incense is the same thing as their Sandalwood de Luxe. It’s rather smoky but the fragrance is fine and sweet. It has that particular creamy-soft quality that you only get with Mysore sandalwood… which once … Continue reading

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Baieido Byakudan Koubunboku

Baieido’s Byakudan Kobunboku is a highly recommended sandalwood incense but to tell the truth, I smell very little sandalwood in it at all. As Indian  sandalwood has been becoming increasingly scarce manufacturers have had to cut back or raise prices. … Continue reading

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The Mother’s Golden Fragrances Review

After reading the glowing reviews for The Mother’s Nag Champa series on Olfactory Rescue Service, I decided to give their Golden (or premium line) a try. The Golden incenses  come in 15 different scents: Golden Amber Golden Autumn Leaves Golden … Continue reading

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