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Triloka Amber

I apologize for all these negative reviews and hate to add yet another one to the mix but Amber from Triloka is a miss. It smelled promising unlit and was hand rolled very evenly– always a good sign– so I … Continue reading

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The Mother’s Golden Amber

Despite being inexpensive The Mother’s Golden Amber is terrific. It’s not a resinous labdanum/rock rose smell (which is what amber normally means in Western perfumery) but rather a sweet, warm, almost creamy smell without any resin at all. Mike over … Continue reading

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Vinason’s Yellow Amber

I had high hopes for this one but apparently I’m on a loosing streak: crude oil again. This time I couldn’t smell anything over the petrochemical notes. What a disappointment.

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Fred Soll Honey Amber (the last Fred Soll review)

After a series of disappointments, I got out Fred Soll’s Honey Amber, which according to Mike at ORS, is a terrific incense. I respect Mike immensely and take his recommendations very seriously. Since Honey Amber has made his top ten … Continue reading

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Monday Night Relaxation for 1/4/2016

The more I burn Pure Incense’s Amber Absolute the more I love it. While it initially struck me as rather dry, I’ve begun to really fall in love. More and more I appreciate the contrast of the rich but reserved … Continue reading

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Prabhuji’s Gifts Vishuddha Chakra

This is my first incense from Prabhuji’s Gifts. Vishuddha Chakra is part of their Chakra line (they have 3 others: Meditation, Devotion, and Harmony) and I chose it because the main notes listed are amber and oriental woods, two notes … Continue reading

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Pure Incense Amber (Absolute version)

Pure Incense has two lines: Absolute (which is their larger and less expensive one) and Connoisseur (which is premium). I’ve only tried two from the Connoisseur line (Sandalwood and Blue Lotus) and they are very potent with a high percentage … Continue reading

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The Mother’s Golden Fragrances Review

After reading the glowing reviews for The Mother’s Nag Champa series on Olfactory Rescue Service, I decided to give their Golden (or premium line) a try. The Golden incenses¬† come in 15 different scents: Golden Amber Golden Autumn Leaves Golden … Continue reading

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