Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!

First, let me apologize for the lack of posts– my job and my family commitments got overwhelming during the holidays and I had no time to blog. And of course now that things are back to normal, I’ve still got a stuffed up nose due to a nasty, lingering cold.

How annoying!

But I’m sure 2017 is going to be a terrific year and I can’t wait to start exploring Japanese incense and continuing my journey with Indian incense. As I’ve mentioned before, I have 2 sample sets from Gladmo full of Japanese sandalwood and aloeswood incense. Very excited to start burning them, but I have to wait until my nose is clear.

Please be patient with me– new reviews will be here soon as I get over my cold!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you have a productive, prosperous, and very joyous 2017!

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4 Responses to Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!

  1. Steve says:

    How you doing? Seems everyone who does an incense blog has long pauses now and again!

    I’ve woken up and am trying to clear my backlog.


  2. Terra Renee says:

    Hope you’re okay. Haven’t seen a review from you in awhile! I should be getting my Essence of the Ages order of new Indian scents in a few weeks, so will definitely post my new reviews on the forum. Wish the forum had more traffic, though. I’d love to read others opinions on the scents I like/dislike!


  3. Terra Renee says:

    I’ve been posting reviews on the Incense Traders forum, if you’re interested in checking them out. I would like to make a suggestion, however. For all the incense types, it would be helpful to have an “others” section for reviews. I want to review White Wing and Red Rose Sandal, but they do not fit in any of the current categories, and I’m not sure of their manufacturer. I know Dr. Seth from Woodstock Trading Co. makes White Wing, but I’m not sure if he also makes Red Rose Sandal.

    Red Rose Sandal is something you’ll REALLY enjoy. It smells very much like a softer version of Shroff’s Red Sandal with a touch of floral. Not exactly like Sandal Flora, but a very nice incense for Shroff lovers!


    • Terra Renee says:

      Oh, forgot to mention (I need to learn to edit my posts, dangit). If you are interested, I plan on adding a few sticks of White Wing and Red Rose Sandal to your sample pack (along with a full 10 gram pack of Superb and Precious Sandal, also from Woodstock Trading and Dr. Seth). As soon as my newest EotA order arrives, I will also include some Kobunboku (I ordered the large box, so I’ll have extra) for you to try, if you decide you enjoy japanese incense. If you decide you aren’t fond of it, I’ll only include maybe 2 or 3 sticks so they won’t be wasted. I have a lot of Shroff coming in this order, as well. All Soft/Wet masalas. Here’s a list of the Shroff’s I have and the Shroff’s incoming, you can pick which ones you want samples of, or just say all if you want.

      Shroff – Apsara
      Shroff – Pride
      Shroff – Sugandha Mantri
      Shroff – Yatra
      Shroff – Little Woods (newest version, no idea what this one smells like)
      Shroff – Saffron
      Shroff – Silver Bouquet
      Shroff – Rose Natural
      Shroff – Ruby
      Shroff – Vanilla Balsam
      Shroff – Red Sandal
      Shroff – Night Rose
      Shroff – White (Bleeeech)
      Shroff – Emerald Flora
      Shroff – Pearl
      Shroff – Shalimar Sandal
      Shroff – White Sandal
      Shroff – Bakhoor
      Shroff – Green Durbar (very old pack from years ago, newer pack from a few months ago)

      Also have Meena Supreme from our dearly departed Paul Eagle (you will be missed), and Baieido Tobiume, as well as two Pure Incense blends. Agarwood and Sandalwood/Lavender sticks. I have some old True Blue Nag Champa and Nag Champa GOLD!!! by Paul Eagle as well…I’m trying to conserve Happy Hari’s sticks, since once the current sellers are sold out, no more will likely be made, but I’d be willing to let you try these beauties. Paul was truly a genius and a master of his art.


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