Triloka Amber

I apologize for all these negative reviews and hate to add yet another one to the mix but Amber from Triloka is a miss. It smelled promising unlit and was hand rolled very evenly– always a good sign– so I was a bit surprised that the fragrance turned to cardboard once I lit it. I could hardly make out anything at all besides the cardboard-y smell. I’m starting to feel like I need to take a break from Indians and start smelling more Japanese stuff. I just got 2 Japanese samplers from Gladmo– one aloeswood, one sandalwood–  so I think I’ll start cracking into them for my next reviews.

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3 Responses to Triloka Amber

  1. Terra Renee says:

    Triloka Amber looked promising for me, too, but it wasn’t. Triloka Sandalwood isn’t bad, but Amber…blech. You will probably like japanese incense, especially if it’s the expensive kind, but just don’t turn into one of those incense snobs who refuses to say anything’s good unless it has pure kyara in it or costs over $100 a pack.

    TRY TIBETANS! These are really good, honestly. Some of them are costly, but not nearly like japanese incense. The closest it comes is the Mindroling Legacy for $115, and you get your money’s worth.

    Which Japanese scents did you get?

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    • Terra Renee says:

      I can’t seem to edit my post, but I just ordered another box of Kai Un Koh. If you have some samples of that, I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s one that’s on par with my favorite Tibetans and Indians. I ordered it from Scents Of The Earth. They’re a great site for raw materials, and I also ordered some Vetiver root and some God’s Smile incense blend, which is similar to Ketoret in scent, but with lower quality ingredients. I still love resin incense, far more than any sticks, but it’s SO expensive due to the cost of ingredients, so I’ve been sticking to….sticks…and making my own resin blends with essential oils and raw ingredients. Scents of the Earth sells great ingredients for a fine price.

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