Sree Gajanana Sandal Flora

My order from Exotic Incense came today so I picked out Sandal Flora from Sree Gajanana Perfumery Works to try out even tho it’s late and I’ve got a stuffy nose. Sadly even with my cold the only thing I could smell from this one was petroleum/crude oil. Smelled fine in stick form but you know how deceiving that can be. Currently burning Baikundo Lavender (less smoke) so my room doesn’t smell like a refinery.

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2 Responses to Sree Gajanana Sandal Flora

  1. Terra Renee says:

    Stuffy nose…now you know what it’s like for me ALL THE TIME. XD

    Thanks for the link to that site, btw. I didn’t know it existed! I usually stick with EotA, Mermade, JapanIncense, Scents Of The Earth, and Absolute Bliss, though. Sometimes eBay or Etsy for harder to get stuff. I guess you’ll never find another Sandal Flora as good as Shroff’s. Shroff’s honestly ruined a lot of incense for me. I would have thought it was good if I hadn’t tried the Shroff version. I still might buy this just to try, though. I’m a glutton for punishment! I bought another pack of OM which was so terrible I wanted to toss it, but I wanted to try this scent just in case it MIGHT be a little better. It was OM Amber, and it was ONLY a little better. It was at a local store called Pathways and only cost about $1, so no real loss. I also bought Vinason’s Patchouli, which I enjoy. It’s a little soft and doesn’t have much patchouli scent, but I like the woody smell.

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    • Terra you poor thing! I am feeling for you because this stuffy nose is about to drive me up a wall!

      Shroffs Sandal Flora is delightful and I think you’re right– it may be the best of the best. Still trying those random Indian brands just for the hell of it tho LOL


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