Baieido Kokonoe (regular)

Kokonoe from Baieido is comes in both a regular and a smokeless version. Tonight I am burning the regular Kokonoe and I can’t say I’m enjoying it. I’ve never been fond of the smell of daffodils or narcissus which are the inspirations for Kokonoe. Oddly pollen-y and  musky-musty, the scent which in China is strangely called “the fragrance of a thousand heads” as has always been challenging to me.

While Kokonoe fails to resemble the peculiar scent daffodils directly, apparently just the association with the flower was enough to put me off. It is more wood smoke than anything else, but there is an unattractive Band-Aid element lurking around that I do not like. I think I will have to revist this one once my nose has become more educated. At the moment I’m not getting much of anything.

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7 Responses to Baieido Kokonoe (regular)

  1. Terra Renee says:

    It doesn’t say anything about florals at all! That’s an odd thing for it to have the scent of. The only Kokonoe incense I see under Baieido is the $53 aloeswood stick pack! My experience with Baieido aloeswood has always been good, but you may have got a bad batch or a weak batch. I haven’t ever tried an aloeswood with a floral undertone, either. I might have to try this one, just to experience the combo of woods and florals! It sounds unique. Did you get this at EotA orJapanIncense? I’m setting up a list of incense to buy myself as a Christmas present! So far, I have a lot of Shroffs, but I’m thinking of maybe trying those later and try to learn to like japanese incense again since I loved the rather cheap Kunjudo Karin. I also loved the stupidly expensive Myo-Ho, but never again. It isn’t worth the price. $53 for a really nice aloeswood, though…it might be worth looking into. Thanks again for a nice, interesting review on a japanese incense I never gave much thought to until now.


  2. gladmo says:

    Give it some good time and maybe you’ll start enjoying it more. This one is made primarily of Indonesian aloeswood and an herbal mixture with some camphor. I don’t believe it has any floral oils, but rather the wood itself and the herbal blend can give very faint impressions of flowers.

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    • Thanks friend. The Kokonoe I tried is pretty cheap ($11 for a 30 gram box) so I would be surprised to find out that it contains aloeswood– but I defer to you. Seems like Baieido does a few different Kokonoe incenses at various prices– confusing!


      • gladmo says:

        Okay, here’s where the confusion is coming from: The Baieido product that I described is just called Kokonoe, and is part of their premium aloeswood line. Baieido also makes Kokonoe Koh, which is part of the Jinkoya Sakubei Series. This series is formulated based on original recipes made by the founder of Baieido. The one the you reviewed here is also called Kokonoe, but is from Baieido’s floral series.

        Why didn’t they just give these products totally different names? Anyway, that should clear things up.

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    • Terra Renee says:

      If you’re the person I was supposed to send a sampler to (but got horribly distracted by real life) I emailed you, and I hope to make it up to you. I want to be able to send you and Lesley’s boxes of incense at the same time, if I can.

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