The Mother’s Yajna Nag Champa

Such a disappointment! Reader Terra warned me that she had a bad experience with The Mother’s Nag Champa line– and now so have I. Yajna Nag Champa smells great as an unlit stick– forestry and cool with a slight lit of spice and a dash of earthy fresh patchouli. Once it’s lit tho, that oily, petroleum smell which I have a sensitivity to comes out and ruins the whole thing. What a shame. I was really looking forward to the The Mother’s Nag Champa line but it looks like they may be formulated differently from the Golden Line.

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4 Responses to The Mother’s Yajna Nag Champa

  1. Terra Renee says:

    I updated my site with some of my opinions on certain scents, if you want to check them out before you buy them. We have different noses, but I do think you’ll enjoy all the HM scents. As you’ll see in the review, I love Fred Soll’s Honey Amber!

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  2. Terra Renee says:

    I was going to send you samples of some Mother’s Nag Champa (I have different varieties than what you have, and they honestly all suck) but since you didn’t like this one, I’ll pick out some different incenses.

    I sent you an email about Japanese incense. I was wondering if you had some good recommendations. I have a huge collection of Indian and Tibetans, so I figured I should start trying some Japanese incense again. It’s very light, almost all of it, but if there’s any out there like Kunjudo’s Karin (regular and Select versions) it’ll be worth looking into. Baieido’s Kai Un Koh is amazing as well. I’m tempted to just buy more Kunjudo and Baieido, but I’m willing and eager to try other scents.

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    • Ahh you’re so sweet to think of me Terra!

      I’m pretty new to incense so I don’t have any recs as far as Japanese incense goes, really. Going to place a JapanIncense order soon tho because I’m getting tired of playing incense roulette with my Indians. Too many of them smell like oil to me 😛

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