Satya Supreme Vanilla

When I was ordering a few of  Natural line incenses, I threw in Satya Supreme Vanilla just to see what it was like. Vanillin, which is the primary chemical that makes vanilla smell like vanilla, is pretty cheap so I thought there was a good chance that this incense would be ok despite the low price point. Spoiler: I was wrong!

The Supreme line that Satya puts out is cheaper than the already very inexpensive Natural line (of which Chandan and Lavender are ok, but Jasmine is not).  Mysteriously named Supreme Vanilla, this is an oddly cardboard-y and  powdery floral-ish  flop that is blessedly weak. I let it burn for a good five minutes before I couldn’t stand it any longer and put it out. It’s like a bad aftertaste in stick form… unpleasant and bland at the same time. There is no vanilla in this to my nose. Again, it is a vague mash up of faded floral notes and dusty cardboard that manages to be distinctly repellent.  Oh well.

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  1. Terra Renee says:

    I’m so sorry, Leslie. I could have warned you. I have tried TWO Satya scents I’ve enjoyed. That’s it. Out of a huge amount. I enjoyed Vishwa Shanti from Absolute Bliss and Natural Nag Champa (from or eBay, can’t remember). Natural Nag Champa is a much nicer change of pace from Blue Box or red box and actually smells more…foresty and soothing than the blue box, which is just plain disgusting to me. Tons of people still fawn over it though. I think Natural Champa still uses at least a small amount of halmaddi, just like Vishwa Shanti. Halmaddi is very noticeable once you know the scent you’re looking for. The cheap subs are gross. I can’t imagine vanilla being any good at all. I have a pack of OM Vanilla and it’s…well, I think you summed up what it is when you reviewed Auroshika’s Resin sticks. Foul, foul, foul. I don’t think there’s any vanilla in there, unless they just dipped it in cheap vanilla oil and it faded away almost instantly. Same with OM Lavender and OM Nag Champa. OM Champa was supposed to be better than Satya. No. Way.

    So, er, advice. DO NOT TRY OM! You will hate it. Or rather, if you find it at a store for $1, go for it just to review it, but it’s not worth any more than that. I bought my OM varieties at a local head shop. The OM Sandalwood is the only one that isn’t complete crap, but it’s still bad. Just so much less bad that it’s great compared to the other OM scents.

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