Satya Natural Jasmine

This is the first Satya incense that I’ve reviewed… a little surprising because the Satya company makes some wildly popular incenses  like the famous blue box Nag Champa and Super Hit. The reason I’ve stayed away from Satya is because I keep hearing how bad their quality control is and the general cheapening  of their products.  However, After reading a glowing review of their Natural Chandan on Reddit I got too curious and picked a few boxes from the Natural line.

Floral incenses can be difficult because it is tricky to  balance the fresh smell of a flower with the smokiness of incense. In Satya Natural Jasmine, the makers appear to have attempted to cover up the incense section entirely with a huge amount of synthetic jasmine. This synthetic jasmine is not bad. It’s realistic enough with a fruity nature and a soapy edge. In low doses, it is very appealing. I hear such jasmine oils are very popular in India where people know jasmine (you can get garlands of the real flowers in any market place, it blooms in countless courtyards etc etc).

The problem in Natural Jasmine is that it is so suffocating, so dominating that the incense is impossible for me to enjoy. The intensity of the jasmine oil makes it seem more synthetic than it actually is. Like music that is played too loud, it becomes distorted and even painful. Additionally, the woody base has an inexplicable cigarette smell. This is not present in Natural Lavender or Natural Chandan so I wonder if the cigarette note is from the burning of the synthetic jasmine oil. Whatever is going on, it smells like an ashtray to me. Ugh.

You can get Satya Natural Jasmine from a number of vendors and it retails for a few dollars per a 15 gram box.

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4 Responses to Satya Natural Jasmine

  1. Terra Renee says:

    I agree that Jasmine is a VERY hard scent to get right. IMO, Fred Soll’s Moonlight Jasmine is the only stick to manage it. You probably think otherwise, but to me, it’s a great Jasmine scent.

    And yes, Jasmine is popular as heck in India. It’s EVERYWHERE and entire city blocks smell like it sometimes. Most of it all natural flowers. Women walk around with garlands, perfume made from jasmine, jasmine soaked bead necklaces, etc. When I lived in India, my husband covered me in jasmine blossoms on important personal days, like our birthdays. The only thing more popular is Mysore Sandalwood powder. It’s used in Ayurveda healing and as a face cream. It works, by the way. It’s like anti-aging, anti-acne, everything all in one. My 13 year old daughter’s acne cleared up the day after she slept in a Mysore face mask!

    Mysore is super expensive over here in the states, so it’s not something I’d use on my face here, but if you go to India, do it! Same with Jasmine garlands and perfume. India does things so well in their home country, but fails when they try to make stuff viable for western markets.

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