Happi Hari King of Amber

King of Amber by Happi Hari is not a Western style amber in the labdanum/rock rose vein or an Indian “pink amber”. I’m having hard time connecting this to amber at all but King of Amber immediately reminded me of a perfume oil (now long gone because of sourcing issues related to the botanicals) called Henna. Like Henna, it has a rich soapy-musk base overlaid with what I can only call an exotic floral because I’ve never smelled anything remotely like it. Very unique and in keeping with Happi Hari’s surprising, uncommon style.

The sticks are very heavily scented, even by Indian standards, and saturate the air quite quickly with scent. If you like strong incenses that really pack a punch, King of Amber (and the whole Happi Hari line, really) is for you. For me, King of Amber was too potent but it’s hard to criticize anyone for being extra generous with scented materials when so many manufacturers are skimping.

Since I’m not a fan of soapy florals in any format (incense, perfume, soap etc) I didn’t really connect with this one but it was exciting to burn because it’s really an unexpected thing to have a soapy smell wafting on smoke! A very cool thing to smell.


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5 Responses to Happi Hari King of Amber

  1. Terra Renee says:

    I personally love King of Amber (and the super huge Emperor of Amber, which is just a larger version of King of Amber) and don’t think there’s a soapy scent at all. It isn’t Amber in the same way Pure Incense is Amber, but I compared it to some Amber resin I have and there is a distinct similarity (to me at least). Emperor of Amber, if you get a chance to try it, is supposed to be the same thing, same scent, but to me it’s…deeper, more resinous. Perhaps it has to do with the amazing thickness and just HOW MUCH extra resin is present on the stick, but Emperor is definitely different in a good way. Just a huge, deep, ocean of amber, to me.

    Speaking of more Happy Hari stuff, have you tried Dharana Sutra? I reviewed it on my Google page and on the forum here, and it’s a gorgeous scent. It is a charcoal incense, but that’s not even noticeable to me. It’s almost a rosy-pink sweet oud scent.


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