Auroshikha Natural Resin (various)

I’m not giving these their own posts as they do not deserve to be mentioned outside of a warning to not buy them. These are some truly awful incenses. They all smell like bad, dirty  campfires but each has a special twist:

Gum Damar– dirty campfire with a flaming toupee

Gum Copal–  dirty campfire accented with a faint hint of tar

Frankincense and Myrrh– gross enough to merit its own, more in depth review here

Sandalwood– dirty campfire x2

Frankincense– dirty campfire paired with a turpentine  soaked rag

Siam Benzion– FILTHY campfire

Gum Benzion– staring into a dirty campfire and thinking of brunt cookies

In spite of this extraordinary lapse of quality I am not giving up on Auroshikha. They have a line that comes in marbled paper packaging (mysteriously similar to The Mother’s packaging) which have bought and will try in the near future as soon as it is shipped to me. I can’t imagine it would be any worse than the Natural Resin line!

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12 Responses to Auroshikha Natural Resin (various)

  1. Terra Renee says:

    I was thinking of starting my own incense blog, but with the kids and work, it just seems like something else I’d have to work to keep up with, so I’ll stick to reading and commenting on yours. I DID review quite a few of Happy Hari’s incenses and some Absolute Bliss scents (and the site itself) on my Google page.

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  2. Terra Renee says:

    I have never tried the natural resin line, but if it is anything like the non-natural resin line (I have a pack of Precious Sandalwood with the marbled packaging) then I would also suggest not purchasing it unless you love charcoal scents. My nose isn’t sensitive enough to warrant calling Precious Sandalwood disgusting, but the incense itself isn’t pleasant enough to…call pleasant. It will do for me in a pinch when I’m without any other incense, but that will probably never happen. If you are still interested, email me and let me know what you’re interested in reviewing and I could put together a sampler pack. I have a large amount of Indian scents, the entire Mindroling Legacy line (from Hart Broudy), and several japanese scents. A natural disaster took out my limited stock of Lotus Ground (the super high end Dzogchen Monastery incense) but Mindroling is equally high end, at least Grade 1 is.

    Basically…Auroshika is at LEAST worth trying if you like charcoal scents, to me, since it’s so cheap (at least Precious Sandalwood was), but honestly, Padmini is my favorite charcoal line, along with a few HEM scents (vanilla, patchouli, the Moon).

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    • LOL Whooooooooops! You know I hate the charcoal so that marbled line sampler pack is probably going in the trash. I’ll try it first for the sake of my site but… oh well at least it was cheap!

      And I would love love love to get a sample pack from you once I worth thru my back log of incense. So generous of you to ask and I really appreciate your support both in offering incense and your always thoughtful and insightful comments on my blog 🙂


      • Terra Renee says:

        If I were you, I’d not throw away ANY incense! Sell it or give it to those who might enjoy it or want to start their incense journey. I started with low quality charcoal scents before discovering the amazingness of masala, Tibetan, and japanese scents. Auroshika, in my opinion, is a good starting point. Almost EVERYONE I know has gotten their start with either blue box nag champa (gross) or HEM scents (some are okay).

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        • But these were EXCEPTIONALLY bad. So bad I don’t understand why they were made. Surprisingly nasty!

          Anyway, I have been saving all the incense I don’t like. When my box is full enough I’ll send it out to you (yes, I’m sure you’re looking forward to a big box of crap LOL). Most of the stuff I don’t like is in the box because it has that petroleum smell that I am weirdly sensitive to… not because it is inherently bad. Hope you will accept it when it is ready to go! 🙂


          • Terra Renee says:

            This is true. What you consider crap, I might love! I have a big box of Nippon Kodo and Shoyeido japanese scents (some of which cost a pretty penny) that I don’t like much. They’re light to me, too light, except in the case of cinnamon, which is too cinnamon-y. Especially since I’m allergic to cinnamon, and they seemed to include REAL cinnamon in some of these packages of sticks.

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            • I know you’ll like the Fred Sol stuff at least 🙂

              BTW, I just crammed as much stuff as I could into the long box I have reserved for you so it’s actually ready to go. I might not get to mail it out until next weekend (crazy work hours next week) but email me your address and I’ll post it ASAP.


              • Terra Renee says:

                I do like most of Fred Soll’s still. Their Nag Champa in particular is good, as is their Honey Amber. I’ve never tried ANYTHING like Honey Amber. It’s just a stunning piece of art, to me. The charcoal is so minor in that stick that I don’t notice. The Sandalwood sticks are VERY strong, though. Gotta have a sinus problem or a love for strong scents to love those. I DO have a sinus problem (can’t get it fixed unless my sinuses are removed, which is unhealthy, so I’ll just keep a stuffed nose all my life).

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