Baieido Lavender Sawayaka

Baieido says that their Lavender Sawayaka contains French lavender oil but mysteriously it has no presence in the incense. Like Baikundo Lavender, it smells pleasant but I’m left wondering why they decided to name it lavender.

Instead of the refreshing, vibrant scent of the flower, there is a classic mix of woods with an indistinct floral element and a touch of cool camphor. The woody base makes up the largest part of the aroma and is generic in tone but still enjoyable. The floral notes have an oddly fresh-synthetic twist that I don’t like, but you can only smell it when you  but your nose right above the burning stick. Otherwise it’s just vaguely floral. I think the incense would have benefited from a larger dose of camphor– the little bit thrown in here left me wanting more.

Based on the aroma alone I would not recommend Lavender Sawayaka. It’s not a bad incense, but there are just so many wonderful ones out there that it’s hard to justify burning ones that are merely ok.

Additionally, this incense is very lightly scented and virtually smokeless. This may or may not be a drawback depending on your taste. Personally I found it too light.

You can get Baieido Lavender Sawayaka from a number of online retailers. A 30 gram box (about 45 sticks) retails for around $12.

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3 Responses to Baieido Lavender Sawayaka

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  2. Terra Renee says:

    I have tried very few smokeless/light smoke Japanese scents, and almost all of them are too light for me unless I practically stuff them up my nostrils. I will definitely have to give this one a try, though. Despite the less than stellar review, I love Baiedo’s products and anything lavender related. I’m usually very good at detecting elusive lavender scents, so I’ll probably enjoy this, even if I have to burn it right in front of my face.

    Have you tried Kunjudo’s Karin Select? It’s an AMAZING scent, very complicated and sweet/woody! It’s probably my favorite japanese incense, surpassing even those $50 a stick aloeswood scents. Those are just too complicated and expensive to truly enjoy. If I had an unlimited budge, they might be worth some of my favorite’s, especially Translucent Path, but as it stands, Karin Select and Baiedo Tobiume are my favorites.

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    • Haha I’m feeling the same way about smokeless incense. I’ve tried 3 or 4 and they just aren’t strong enough for me. I’m over them–with the exception of Baikundo Lavender of course.

      Karin Select is one that I’m planning to get, I’ve just been buying other things and haven’t gotten to it yet! Excited to hear that it’s wonderful.

      And I agree with you on sticks being too expensive to enjoy… once a stick goes above a particular price point I’m just not interested any more. It’s no longer fun.


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