Balaji Chandanam

Balaji’s Chandanam is a disappointment. Unlit, the wood powder coated stick is very smelly: creamy sandalwood with a big lime based toilet cleaner accord… Yikes! Burning of course did not improve things. I got that greasy petrochemical note I often find in some Indians (and a bunch of Fred Solls which are American) and gave up.

Oh well, they can’t all be Shroffs 😉

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4 Responses to Balaji Chandanam

  1. coreytopel says:

    Greetings Leslie, This is Corey Topel from Absolute Bliss Incense. Would you be interested in doing reviews for my site? Am importing some that no one here in the United States have tried and they are well worth a sniff.Paul Eagle of Happy Hari passed away Dec 25th and gave me the name of the maker to carry on his legacy.Will need all the help I can get to do it right. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  2. Terra Renee says:

    I have personally had excellent experience with Balaji, of all types so far. The Chandanam from Corey’s Absolute Bliss is really something! Maybe you just got a bad batch? I DID notice a difference between an order of Chandanam from eBay and from AB. The AB Chandanam was definitely much better, and the sticks were also colored differently, leading me to believe I had perhaps gotten a “fake” batch from eBay. The AB ones have the tan bamboo sticks, while the eBay ones had pink bamboo sticks.

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    • Maybe… but I’m more inclined to think that it’s my weird sensitivity to some ingredient they use. I know Mike at ORS who has a nose of remarkable refinement will review an incense positively but to me it will have a burning tire note. This is starting to remind me of the the whole cilantro tastes like soap thing LOL.


      • Terra Renee says:

        Same with me and some of Mike’s raving reviews on Agarwood, especially the Indian sticks like Pure Incense Connoisseur (or whatever) version. It has a more cinnamon-y fragrance than sweet woody.


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