Awaji Island Forest by Shorindo

At last I can smell again! I thought I would get back into the swing of things with a soft incense: Forest made by Shorindo for Awaji Island.

The first thing that stuck me about Forest was the absolute lack of smoke. None of the incenses in the Awaji Island series are smokey, but this is the first one I’ve tried where I could see nothing coming off the stick.

As is typical with low smoke/no smoke incenses, the fragrance is light. It has a traditional feel to it with gently woody notes, faintly floral touches and maybe a hint of patchouli. The effect is mild and and somewhat bland as there is nothing in particular that stands out. It’s pleasant enough though but I would have a hard time recommending to anyone when there are so many other outstanding and interesting incenses out there.

Awaji Island Forest retails for around $19 for a box of 100 sticks. Several etailers stock it.

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