Tulasi Vidwan

At last! Finally I’ve broken my chain of misses with this unusual incense from Tulasi. Vidwan is a very sweet incense with fruity flourishes and touches of patchouli. However, what makes it so unique is the decadently creamy musk note. This musk note is the center of the incense. Thick and rich in texture, it has real depth and personality.

The musk is supported by a soft counterpoint of patchouli– clean and only mildly earthy. I’m not a big fan of patchouli but I enjoy it here as an accent to the musk as it gives complexity to the blend. This note is quite mild tho, and would not be enough to satisfy real patchouli hounds. Again, the creamy musk is the real star here.

Adding a playful, light touch are fruity notes that remind me of the “pink amber” style incenses. The fruity notes aren’t any specific fruit, rather they are an allusion to fruit with plenty of fresh and sweet nuances. In case you thought a creamy musk with a dash of patchouli would be a dense, dark affair, the fruity notes elevate and brighten the entire incense into something delightful and happy.

All together, Vidwan is a cleverly designed incense. The plush musk is lifted by modern fruity notes and given texture by a dash of patchouli. It has a cheerful impression, perhaps not something you would expect from a musk centered incense, but charming none the less.

The scent strength for Vidwan is average.

You can get Tulasi Vidwan online for about $2.00 for a 25 gram box.

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8 Responses to Tulasi Vidwan

  1. Terra Renee says:

    My ex husband is Indian, and sometimes I’ll go with our children to visit him in India, and it is truly amazing. You can find people making unmarketed incense sticks on the street and the best kind are not the gross perfume type. Mukul is definitely right about the large incense sticks. My ex has a huge bowl of sand in his back yard that usually has huge incense sticks in it. I’m sure they’re used for some type of Hindu ceremony, but I’m not sure. Sometimes wish we hadn’t broken up, so I could live there with him. It’s a beautiful country and the incense culture is more beautiful than Japan’s.

    Vidwan sounds great. I’ll have to check that one out. Still obsessing over Shroff at the moment, but will definitely

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  2. mukul chand says:

    love the way describe the agarbattis ( or incense sticks)

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