Incense from India Green Durbar

Incense from India’s Green Durbar is a soft, mild incense with a honeyed edge. It’s not green in the herbal or galbanum-y way we think of green smelling in the West. Rather it’s a gentle floral with honey, a little spice, a touch of musk, and a hint of wet clay. In the end it’s somewhat mediocre but certainly not bad by any means. I apologize for the brief entry but Green Durbar did not make much of an impression on me.

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7 Responses to Incense from India Green Durbar

  1. Ivy P says:

    I’ve had great experiences with Japanincense, Incense on the Way, Incense-Incense, and Sensia, as well as Yamada-Matsu. Still waiting to find out what kind of experience I will have with Essence of the Ages. I plan to order from Incense-traditions very soon.

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  2. DDJ says:

    Good Morning, Lesley. Thanks for another helpful, interesting review.

    I’m wondering, when you say it’s mediocre, do you meant the scent itself…. it’s “smell” not being especially attrative or w/e you may have anticipated or are you referring to the strength of the overall fragrance…. or even some other element of the experience that didn’t work for you?

    Also, I don’t know a lot about incense yet, but I see a lot of the same materials which are used in perfumery … Duh, Right? So, what are some of your favorite perfumes if you don’t mind saying… if you even do those.

    Where’s the best place to buy all this stuff… Are some of these independent producers like on Etsy or is there a “best” retail source?

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    • Terra Renee says:

      I am not Lesley, but when I think of mediocre it usually just means it didn’t meet my personal expectations. Someone else might think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, like the Mother’s Nag champa, which Mike raves over but I just find, well, mediocre. It definitely did not blow me away like I expected it to after reading the rave reviews.

      As for the best place to get incense, once again, this is just MY, Terra’s, personal opinion, not Lesley’s, but I like MermadeArts for resin incense and Essence of the Ages for pretty much every other type of incense. Hart Broudy’s new site IncenseTraditions is probably the best Tibetan Incense seller you’re going to find, however. They have stuff I’ve never seen on Essence of the Ages, or stuff that’s been out of stock for years, like Mindroling Tibetan sticks.

      Some independent producers are good, but a lot of them have sold out. I used to love LittleHippieMama’s incense, since they were all-natural, handmade, super reasonably priced, and local (she lives in Missouri, I live in Missouri), but she sold out to Amazon and her prices tripled. I don’t know if her quality has changed, but from some of the feedback, the cones arrive smashed or broken and have to be refunded. From all the sellers I’ve bought incense from on Etsy and eBay, they’ve all been good, until, of course, they sold out to a larger company!

      A REALLY good resin incense company on Etsy is AcaciaGoldAromatix. They have no other place you can buy their stuff besides Etsy, and they import everything rather than buying it from another site and reselling it at a higher price.

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      • DDJ says:

        Hey, Terra. You don’t need to be Lesley 😛 I just said Good Morning to her ’cause she’d posted the review.

        I agree with you about expectations. I guess I was trying to find out which expectations of hers the incense didn’t meet. Cause, for instance, I like things that have a pretty strong fragrance. It could be a very nice smell, but if it tends to be kinda weak that might make it mediocre to me.

        Thanks for all the names. I have a lot of work to do….. after I feed the dogs : )


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      • As usual we’re on the same wavelength Terra 🙂

        Mediocre is just meh for me. Green Durbur is not bad by any means but it’s just not that amazing. Why burn it when there’s great stuff out there?

        And I hope everyone reading takes my reviews takes them for what they are: just my personal opinion!


    • Hey David, when I say mediocre, I mean the actual scent. It’s bland and not very interesting. It’s like a beige paint…. not likely to offend, but it doesn’t inspire. This incense was so lukewarm that it was hard for me to find something to say other than “meh”. As for its strength, I would say it’s a little less than average but not by much.

      And funny you should mention perfume because that’s my other hobby! I’ve got over 70 full sized bottles and some of my favorites are Chanel Bois des Iles (a gorgeous, creamy sandalwood with aldehydes), Shalimar (huge spicy rich oriental), and Caron Pour Une Homme (a sunny lavender/tonka blend that smells great on women too). Do have any favorites, David?

      As far as I know there is no best vendor. I’ve placed orders with Incense on the Way, Incense Guru, Essence of the Ages, and Japanese Incense and have been happy with all of them. I wish I could give you a better answer….


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