Balaji Chandan

I can’t say much about the sandalwood that Balaji  Chandan is supposed to smell like  because a heavy crude oil note ruined the incense for me. I think I got thru about 15% of the stick before I had to put it out. The petrochemical smell was just too much! Additionally, Chandan was quite smokey. What a disappointment!

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4 Responses to Balaji Chandan

  1. Terra Renee says:

    Is Balaji Chandan on Essence of the Ages? After this review, not sure I want to try it, but I’ve always had a fondness for incense with “chandan” in the description. Something about the oil or base or whatever is always calming.

    I know it’s cheap, but I really liked Goloka’s Chandan incense. Pretty thick sticks, too, for something super cheap.

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    • I believe I got Balaji Chandan at Incense Guru. You know how sensitive I am to petrochemical stuff, so it may just be my nose. If you’re curious to try it, let me know and I’ll set it aside for you instead of tossing it 🙂


      • Terra Renee says:

        Oh, don’t toss ANY incense! Once the trading forum is up, a lot of people will probably be jumping at the chance for some of those incenses you think are bad. I’m interested in trying just about anything, really. The only incense that really gives me trouble is Satya blends, and that disgusting red box Nag Champa. I even love the heavily perfumed Song of India incense. I do have a slightly less sensitive nose than most people due to a chronic sinus issue that only not-really-necessary surgery can fix, so strong incense is a treat. It penetrates my senses and, if camphor is involved, opens my nose. Agarwood is REALLY penetrating and smells amazing, especially Mermade’s Oud blends. I’m so in love with Goloka’s Chandan and Little Woods because of their sweet-sensual scent and how I can smell them from across a large room, when normally they need to be a few feet behind my desk.

        It’s nice to actually burn sticks on my incense altar rather than on a table set up for burners and less-strong incense closer to me. This is why I REALLY need to re-order Pure-Incense’s Blue Lotus. I ran out, and I’m dying for more. That was one amazing incense. I’ll certainly have to check out Incense Guru for more Chandan blends. I think I would like Balaji, as long as it has no resemblance to Satya blends. XD

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        • I won’t toss anything! 😉

          Glad you mentioned Song of India because I believe I bought some of their incense. I’ll have to try it tonight when I get home from work. I loved reading your run down of what works for you– I had no idea you had sinus issues. BTW, if you love agarwood, I hope you’ll consider joining the potential group order from which is a Japanese site that sells internationally. Lost of agarwood incenses there!

          PS so agree on Blue Lotus! It’s super powerful and gorgeous all the way!


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