Shroff Sandal Flora

After experiencing  Shroff’s spectacular dry masala Red Sandal, I knew I had to try their other offerings. Greedily, I ordered 6 more of their dry masalas. The first one I tried captured my heart. It’s Shroff Sandal Flora and like Red Sandal, it is a MUST!

As is typical for a quality masala, you can tell the base from the perfumed oil . Sandal Flora features a classic dry sandalwood base with a crisp edge, that is something like a blank sheet of paper: the perfect thing on which to layout something beautiful.

One of the first things I noticed about the oil in Sandal Flora was its unique creamy quality that is similar to Mysore sandalwood, but not quite. While I can smell creamy sandalwood in the oil, the creaminess I refer to is something different. It’s sweet and only slightly woody, with rich, plush edge to it. I assume it’s a synthetic since I can’t think of any natural that would smell the same, but whatever it is, it’s magnificent and gives the incense real texture and personality.

Paired with this creamy note is an exquisite blend of florals. The composition is so masterful that it’s near impossible to pick out any particular flower but I smell hints of rose, jasmine, and perhaps just a touch of fresh lavender. Soothing and smooth, it gives the impression of an extravagant bouquet of richly scented flowers.

The synergy between the lush creamy notes and the luxurious florals is absolute perfection. This incense is so finely judged and so harmonious that I’m astonished that Sandal Flora and Shroff in general is not more popular.

Shroff Sandal Flora is available at a small number of retailers. Prices for a 25 gram bundle start around $3.75 at Incense on the Way.

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2 Responses to Shroff Sandal Flora

  1. WHOOPS! I must have made a mistake Renee because now I can’t find it. Incense On the Way as 25 gram bundle for $3.75 so Essence of the Ages has the better deal if you know you like Sandal Flora.
    I haven’t tried Nila Amber but it sounds delicious. Right now I’m caught between using my fun money on more Shroff and Pure-Incense or if I should start exploring Japanese stuff…. decisions decisions.. 😉


  2. Terra Renee says:

    I can’t believe I just noticed this, but where did you find Sandal Flora for $4.25? The one at Essence of the Ages is a little over a dollar more than that. It’s just a dollar, so it’s no big deal, but if there’s a place that sells Shroff cheaper, it’ll add up to more packs in the long run!

    Also, have you tried Pure-Incense’s Absolute Nila Amber (Blue Lotus + Amber)? I’m thinking of ordering that next time I place an order, and can’t seem to find a review for it.


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