Shoyeido Kyo-zakura (Kyoto Cherry Blossom)

Kyo-zakura is another selection from Shoyeido’s Daily Incense line. Like Nokiba I would prefer it better if the fragrant materials were stronger and the base less so. However, Kyo-zakura is a bit more fragrance heavy than Nokiba.

The scent is delicate and light– as you would expect of a incense dedicated to the ephemeral cherry blossoms of the Old Capital. Shoyeido says they use rhubarb, clove, cinnamon among other things to create the fragrance, but Kyo-zakura does not have a spicy impression. Rather, it is more cool and  softly sweet, like springtime. The rhubarb is supposed to give a tart feeling, but I don’t think I would have noticed it without it being mentioned in the add copy.

One thing I like a lot about Kyo-zakura is they way it shifts thru various phases. The fragrance comes in and out of the base, being sweet one moment, faintly spicy the next, then woody, then fresh and then disappearing completely!

I’m not quite sure how they manage to get the sweetness in this stick because oddly, it recalls aloeswood for me. Very beautiful and an interesting trick, but ultimately because the incense overall is not strong enough for me, frustrating.

Shoyeido’s Daily Incense line is widely available. Prices for Kyo-zakura start at $4.95 for a 35 stick bundle.

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2 Responses to Shoyeido Kyo-zakura (Kyoto Cherry Blossom)

  1. Terra Renee says:

    I have an almost full box of this, because, as you said, it just isn’t strong enough. Unless I practically stick my face in it, all I get is a slightly sweet smoky smell. I would love a higher-end version of this, however. When I HAVE shoved my face in the smoke, it was great. The ingredients have the potential to be amazing. Add in some aloeswood, and I think this could be a winner. This was a very accurate review of this. I read a lot of reviews on Amazon, thinking maybe I got a bad batch, but apparently this is common for this Shoyeido blend.

    Hope you review the Jewel and Angelic sets soon. Some of them are ‘meh’ like this, but there’s one of the Jewel line (can’t remember the name) that’s REALLY good.


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds this weak! I haven’t checked out Amazon for reviews, but it’s interesting that you note that this is typical for Kyo-zakura. I will be reviewing more from Shoyeido so I’ll make sure to check out the Jewel and Angelic sets.


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