Fred Soll Honey Amber (the last Fred Soll review)

After a series of disappointments, I got out Fred Soll’s Honey Amber, which according to Mike at ORS, is a terrific incense. I respect Mike immensely and take his recommendations very seriously. Since Honey Amber has made his top ten lists multiple times, I figured that I should give it a try before I give up on the line.

When I opened the package of sticky, resin-y sticks I smelled something truly enchanting and unusual: a rich aroma that recalled anceint  ceremonies or exotic unguents. Deliciously smooth and delicately resinous, it is a remarkable composition. I’ve never smelled anything like it.

To be slightly more precise, Honey Amber is a very soft mix of spice, labdanum, frankincense, honey and what must be a thousand other wonderful smelling things. It is exceptionally well blended and has a unique sweetness to it which may in fact be ambergris. It wows. You can tell a lot of quality and experience went into these sticks.

So you can imagine my extreme unhappiness when I lit up a stick and could only smell the charcoal punk. What a waste! Apparently I’m too sensitive to the charcoal sticks he’s using which is why I’m no longer going to be reviewing Fred Soll incense.

However, if you’re not sensitive to charcoal, I implore you to try this. Honey Amber is exceptional.

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2 Responses to Fred Soll Honey Amber (the last Fred Soll review)

  1. Terra Renee says:

    I very much enjoy all of Fred’s incense. If you haven’t tried it already, I encourage you to try his Honeysuckle incense. It smells just like honeysuckle, at least to me, and the charcoal isn’t even noticeable over the heavy floral honeysuckle smell. If you haven’t bought it, then don’t, because there’s a chance you might smell the charcoal since you’re sensitive enough to smell it in Honey Amber. I thought Honey Amber was nothing but resin that somehow made it into stick form, it was so amazing. Good reviews, though.


    • Thanks for stopping by Terra! Due to my sensitivity to charcoal, I think I’m giving up on Fred Soll– but that honeysuckle incense does sound lovely. Also, thank you for your compliment; I’m glad you’re enjoying my reviews 🙂


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