Monday Night Relaxation for 1/4/2016

The more I burn Pure Incense’s Amber Absolute the more I love it. While it initially struck me as rather dry, I’ve begun to really fall in love. More and more I appreciate the contrast of the rich but reserved amber-y notes with the dry/crisp sandalwood base.

The sandalwood is soft and has a subtle sweetness of it’s own but it’s kiln dried woodiness is the strongest element. The use of oils in Pure Incense’s Absolute line is minimal, so the stick is only lightly perfumed with amber. Mild and delicately sweet, this amber has touches of powder, resin, and vanilla and a more traditional feel than the playful and sugary pink ambers. It wafts in and out, carried on the dry smoke of the sandalwood.

Remarkably smooth and comforting, this is a great choice for winding down and relaxing. Work today was particularly brutal (as Mondays have a habit of being) but as I write this with curls of fragrant smoke drifting past my monitor I can finally feel myself decompressing. Ahhhhh!

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