Baieido Bikou Smokeless

To be frank, I am not entirely sold on smokeless and less smoke incenses. While I really like Baikundo Lavender for its fantastic air freshening abilities, I find most of them to be simply too weak.

Sadly, that seems to be the case here as well with Baieido’s Bikou Smokeless. The fragrance is very fine, but it’s so light I can barely smell it.

What I am able to make out is a elegant blend of sandalwood, spice, and a suggestion of aloeswood all done in that wonderfully soft Japanese way. The notes are blended so skillfully and smoothly that they flow together perfectly and give an impression of a seamless whole. Beautiful, but so weak… However, there is good news: Baieido makes a regular version of Bikou and I plan to try that as soon as I can.

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