Awaji Island Green Tea by Kikujudo

Like a number of manufacturers, Kikujudo makes an incense for the Awaji Island brand. As far as I can tell it’s exclusive for Awaji Island Koh-shi and not the same thing as Kikujudo Wacha (a green tea incense) but I’m not 100% certain.

What I am certain of is the delightful, fresh nature of this incense. It seems a touch counter intuitive to use smoke to carry the fresh and delicate notes of green tea, but it works perfectly here. Interestingly the incense seems to recall powdered green tea, or matcha which has a sweet, almost malty edge to it and a rich full flavor that quite substantial.

To provide a light, playful counterpoint, there are gentle citrus tones that smell closest to grapefruit to my nose (yuzu perhaps?). The light tang of these citrus notes enhances the creamy-sweet elements of the matcha and create a unique experience. Incense rarely features such a beautiful and clear citrus element.

All together the matcha and citrus create an elegant, soft feeling of quietness. The scent isn’t very strong and it doesn’t linger very much but the mildness and ephemeralness is part of the charm. If you’re looking for a delicate matcha incense this is perfect.

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2 Responses to Awaji Island Green Tea by Kikujudo

  1. Ivy P says:

    Lesley, Thank you for such a great incense blog. I have enjoyed reading over your posts and look forward to more, I have found them to be wonderfully descriptive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Ivy! I’m really glad you’re enjoying my blog and appreciate your encouragement. My goal is to do at one review a day for the next 2 months– so plenty more reviews are headed your way!


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