Shroff Red Sandal

Shroffs are a favorite at ORS (make sure you check out the extensive 16 part review of the line) so I knew I had to give them a try. Shroff makes a number of different styles of incense so I picked out a wet masala (Little Woods) a dry masala (Red Sandal) and a “masala based” (Vanilla Balsam) incense.

I like sweet and perfume-y incense so it’s not surprising that I went wild for Little Woods but found Vanilla Balsam too dry. I was worried that I’d feel Red Sandal was too dry as well but the moment I lit a stick of it, I fell in love.

Red Sandal is a deliciously soft sandalwood with hints of luxuriously creamy Mysore sandalwood. If you are unfamiliar with sandalwood, fine sandalwood is a bouquet in itself: woody, floral, milky, sweet, crystalline, vanillic, a touch spicy… everything is already there. So it is with Red Sandal.It has an impression of being pure sandalwood and nothing else. The fragrance is serene, elegant, and immediately appealing.

While Red Sandal is a dry masala, you can easily smell the decadently lush sandalwood oil in the mix. There is a lovely interplay of dry and sweet here. The base is a drier, more crisp sandalwood and the oil a sweeter, creamier one. Together they are remarkable.

Shroff’s Red Sandal is going on my list of must haves. I never want to be without it. It is simply one of the most exceptional incenses I’ve ever smelled and certainly the best sandalwood I’ve ever had the pleasure to try.

I got my 50 gram (around 50 sticks) pack at Essence of the Ages for about $5.60 but other etailers stock it too.

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