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Incense Traders is now up!

I’ve got some great news– we now have a place for trades, group buys, splits, and general discussion of incense: IncenseTraders on Wikidot! I warn you the forum is pretty basic… but I hope it will grow into something helpful … Continue reading

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Happy Hari King of Myrrh

As much as love sweet things, I have always had a soft spot for myrrh which like coffee, has a kind of delicious bitterness. The smell of myrrh is sophisticated and balsamic-resinous in addition to being aromatically bitter. It’s gorgeous … Continue reading

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Awaji Island Forest by Shorindo

At last I can smell again! I thought I would get back into the swing of things with a soft incense: Forest made by Shorindo for Awaji Island. The first thing that stuck me about Forest was the absolute lack … Continue reading

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I’ve got a cold…

Sorry for the lack of updates and reviews but I’m sick… I’ve got some great incenses lined up (more from Happy Hari, a killer darshan, a Shroff or two…) and I can’t smell a thing  ;_; Hopefully my cold will … Continue reading

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Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory Lobhan

Lobhan is benzoin resin but Lobhan Agarbatti from Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory doesn’t have that characteristic vanillic smell to my nose. Oddly it’s a bit acrid up close, but as it wafts around it teeters on the edge of likeability … Continue reading

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Happy Hari Queen of Lotus

Happi Hari Queen of Lotus is a unique take on the lotus flower. Unlike traditional incenses of this type, Queen of Lotus skips the woods and spices and opens up into a distinctive floral creatively supported by an accord I … Continue reading

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Tulasi Vidwan

At last! Finally I’ve broken my chain of misses with this unusual incense from Tulasi. Vidwan is a very sweet incense with fruity flourishes and touches of patchouli. However, what makes it so unique is the decadently creamy musk note. … Continue reading

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Vinason’s Yellow Amber

I had high hopes for this one but apparently I’m on a loosing streak: crude oil again. This time I couldn’t smell anything over the petrochemical notes. What a disappointment.

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Baykeri’s Shivranjani

Baykeri’s Shivranjani smells like crude oil to me. I’m sad because it was otherwise a pleasantly musky-honey incense with floral touches. As the oil smell pretty much covered up the other scents for me I can’t really say much else … Continue reading

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Incense from India Green Durbar

Incense from India’s Green Durbar is a soft, mild incense with a honeyed edge. It’s not green in the herbal or galbanum-y way we think of green smelling in the West. Rather it’s a gentle floral with honey, a little … Continue reading

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Nandi Divine Flora

I had high hopes for Divine Flora because it’s well liked by Mike over at ORS. Unfortunately my finicky nose could detect what was to me a rather strong crude oil note mixed in the delightful florals. I’m really saddened … Continue reading

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Balaji Chandan

I can’t say much about the sandalwood that Balaji  Chandan is supposed to smell like  because a heavy crude oil note ruined the incense for me. I think I got thru about 15% of the stick before I had to put … Continue reading

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Shroff Sandal Flora

After experiencing  Shroff’s spectacular dry masala Red Sandal, I knew I had to try their other offerings. Greedily, I ordered 6 more of their dry masalas. The first one I tried captured my heart. It’s Shroff Sandal Flora and like … Continue reading

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Shanthimalai Nag Champa (red box)

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa (it’s the one that comes in the classic blue box) is in a miserable state. It seems like everyone complains about a dizzying dive in quality and general lackluster scent. However, there are other nag … Continue reading

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A new incense trading forum is in the works

As the Incense Trading Wiki is apparently dead, I thought it might be beneficial to start a new incense trading forum. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about forums… the best I can manage at this point is Wikidot, which I … Continue reading

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Unkown Maker Jasmine and Sandalwood from China

I’ve been curious about Chinese incense but haven’t been able to try any yet since no one really seems to stock it. Mysterious, since it seems like you can get just about anything from China… At any rate,  when I … Continue reading

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Shoyeido Kyo-zakura (Kyoto Cherry Blossom)

Kyo-zakura is another selection from Shoyeido’s Daily Incense line. Like Nokiba I would prefer it better if the fragrant materials were stronger and the base less so. However, Kyo-zakura is a bit more fragrance heavy than Nokiba. The scent is … Continue reading

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Fred Soll Honey Amber (the last Fred Soll review)

After a series of disappointments, I got out Fred Soll’s Honey Amber, which according to Mike at ORS, is a terrific incense. I respect Mike immensely and take his recommendations very seriously. Since Honey Amber has made his top ten … Continue reading

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Shoyeido Nokiba (Moss Garden)

Shoyeido’s Nokiba or “Moss Garden” is part of their Daily Incense line, a series of lower priced but still traditional Japanese incenses. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Nokiba… it’s mostly burning wood to me and short on … Continue reading

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Monday Night Relaxation for 1/4/2016

The more I burn Pure Incense’s Amber Absolute the more I love it. While it initially struck me as rather dry, I’ve begun to really fall in love. More and more I appreciate the contrast of the rich but reserved … Continue reading

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