Baikundo Lavender (less smoke)

Baikundo does a range of less smoke incenses that contain a special type of charcoal designed to cleanse the air. Apparently this line is really popular with restaurants in Japan. Since I’m one of those people who hates the smell of lingering cooking odors, I thought I’d give it a try.

When I opened my box of Lavender, I was a bit worried by the lack of smell. Unlit, the sticks smell vaguely floral and not lavender like at all. Upon burning there is no lavender scent either– it’s a very pleasant and super mild generic incense smell in the woody-floral mode. While I was disappointed that it didn’t have a lavender effect, I was so impressed with the way it cleaned the air that in the end I didn’t mind at all.

Baikundo Lavender is amazing at removing cooking odors. It really does clean and freshen the air. I can see why this is used in restaurants since instead of  masking smells it purifies the air and leaves just the lightest most delicate scent of incense. And true to its name it is virtually smokeless.

I’ll be buying this again when I run out. The Baikundo less smoke range some in small (around 80 sticks) and large (around 250 sticks) boxes for around $10 and $20.

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