Pure Incense Amber (Absolute version)

Pure Incense has two lines: Absolute (which is their larger and less expensive one) and Connoisseur (which is premium). I’ve only tried two from the Connoisseur line (Sandalwood and Blue Lotus) and they are very potent with a high percentage of oils. Amber Absolute is my first Absolute incense and you can tell right away that it’s got less oil and drier, quieter feel. It’s less intense and more relaxing.

Unlike the Golden Amber from The Mother’s Incense which smelled like a “pink amber” to me, Amber Absolute is more like the amber you find in perfume: a bit resinous, powdery,sweet and vanillic. It is well complimented by the dry sandalwood base which has the clean, crisp feeling I associate with well seasoned (that is to say dried) wood. As the absolute line has less oil, this base gets more attention, so I’m glad Pure Incense is using quality materials here.

The overall effect is a smooth dry sandalwood with soft amber and a bit of vanilla to enhance the sweetness. Personally, I’d like it better if it wasn’t so dry so next time I’ll be ordering the Connoisseur version– it’s just a matter of taste. However, if you do like a drier incense with gentle amber and a bit of well judged sweetness, this would be perfect.

The Pure Incense Absolute line comes in 50 gram bundles for around $15 a bundle.

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