Fred Soll Lovely Lavender and New Mexico Sandalwood

I had some hesitation about trying Fred Soll because I was worried what their “hand dipped” tag implied. Hand dipped incenses normally use charcoal punks which to me, have an unpleasant smell. But Fred Soll gets great reviews over at ORS so, I decided to give them a try.

Lovely Lavender is my first Fred Soll and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Unlit, the stick smells spectacular: a big aromatic-resinous lavender with minty green touches. Very natural! When it’s lit however, the lavender seems to vaporize and become less noticeable. Additionally, the stick seems to have a charcoal-y element to it that I don’t like.

New Mexico Sandalwood is a synthetic sandalwood with a rich cinnamon edge. The sandalwood fragrance here is creamy and sweet but not natural smelling. It’s not bad but I didn’t really connect with it. Additionally, I found it to be rather smokey.

Not off to a good start but I’ll try some of the resin-y ones next.

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