Shroff Little Woods (2015 restock)

According to Mike at ORS, the 2015 restock of Little Woods does not smell like its previous incarnations. If you can find his post from November 2, 2015, he goes on to say that it’s been reformulated with a new base but is still reminiscent of its former self and “not bad”.

This makes me wonder what previous one smelled like because the Little Woods 2015 restock is marvelous to my nose.  It’s got a distinctive honey note that I’m wild about as well as a rich sandalwood-vanilla base. There are also some soft floral notes that have a nectar like quality in addition to some mild powdery tones. Over all the effect is sweet and softly radiant. Not exactly woody incense I was expecting but something even better.

Little Woods comes in a 50 gram box (about 50 sticks) and retails for around $8. I think Beth at Essence of the Ages is the only retailer carrying this in the US right now.

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4 Responses to Shroff Little Woods (2015 restock)

  1. Terra Renee says:

    Right on about Little Woods. That’s (so far) the only Shroff I’ve tried, and I adore it. It’s got a scent almost Champa-like, but definitely NOT like any of the “famous” Satya (which I tried and loved about 20 years ago, but now it’s blech). Little Woods smoke is curling through my office right now as I read and type this. It burns so long, too, and the stick is nice and thick.

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    • Thanks Terra! I’ve got 5 new Shroffs from an order I just placed and I can’t wait to explore the brand some more. I’m already crazy about their Red Sandal and Little Woods so I have high hopes for them. 🙂


      • Terra Renee says:

        I’ve heard great things about Emerald Flora and Saffron. Can’t wait to read a new perspective on those scents. Mike’s reviews are a bit out of date and the formula changes a lot. I plan on ordering some Mother’s Golden Amber and Musk, Shroff Red Sandal and Sandal K Special Masala Base (I DID try that, but only 3 sticks from a friend), and Pure-Incense Amber, Blue Lotus, Agarwood, and Sandalwood. I love Pure-Incense. The higher end versions (I can’t spell connowhatever) are simply magical. I’m tempted to order straight from the UK site so I can get ones Essence of the Ages don’t have, like Amber Deluxe and the sample pack with 4 sticks of their top connowhatever incenses!

        Can’t wait to read your new Shroff reviews. The sweet tang of Little Woods is STILL hanging out in my office, so I can’t imagine what their more expensive ones, like Saffron, do.

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        • Haha I think I’m going to be ordering direct from Pure-Incense too– so much exciting and enticing stuff there! The perfume oils are really tempting me… And yes the connoisseur* versions are AMAZINGLY potent. I have Connoisseur Blue Lotus and I had to let the stick sit out and dry out for a week before I lit it and it was still packing a wallop! WOW!

          All the Shroffs I just got are dry, so I don’t expect them to have the same impact as Little Woods, but I’m certainly going to be ordering more of the Wet Masalas like Emerald Flora and Saffron.

          *I had to look it up LOL. I can’t spell it either!


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