The Mother’s Golden Fragrances Review

After reading the glowing reviews for The Mother’s Nag Champa series on Olfactory Rescue Service, I decided to give their Golden (or premium line) a try. The Golden incenses  come in 15 different scents:

  • Golden Amber
  • Golden Autumn Leaves
  • Golden Cinnamon
  • Golden Geranium
  • Golden Jasmine
  • Golden Lavender
  • Golden Lenteblossom
  • Golden Lotus
  • Golden Musk
  • Golden Myrrh
  • Golden Orange Blossom
  • Golden Rose
  • Golden Spicewood
  • Golden Vanilla
  • Golden Ylang Ylang

In general the incenses are all nice. Some are dull or don’t have much character or in the case of Golden Rose and Golden Jasmine a bit weak,  but none are actually bad. My favorites were  Golden Amber, Golden Musk, and Golden Lavender.

Let’s get to the reviews…

Golden Amber: An interesting scent nothing like the amber I’m used to in perfume. Golden Amber is quite sweet and a touch spicy with maybe a hint of fruitiness… could this be the “pink amber” type I read about on ORS? It’s sugary and happy and charming– “pink amber” seems to suit well!

Golden Autumn Leaves: Sweet and creamy with hints of spice and a vanilla background.  Easy to enjoy.

Golden Cinnamon: This is a woody-hot cinnamon over some sweet notes… maybe a touch of vanilla. The cinnamon is not super strong, so the effect is more more of a  soft, sweet incense with a nice cinnamon note.

Golden Geranium: The geranium in this incense is rose scented. I’m not really a fan of rose scented geranium because I find it rather strident take on rose. However, I think it works here because the rose scented geranium is airy and light and has a surprising freshness.

Golden Jasmine: A light, soapy jasmine. My least favorite.

Golden Lavender: Marvelous! A beautiful pairing  of lavender with classic Indian incense. The lavender note has a distinct freshness and pretty floral tone. More sweet/balsamic than herbal/aromatic this is a soothing and relaxing lavender which mixes especially well with the woody and faintly spicy elements  of the base.

Golden Lenteblossom:  This has a distinctly rosy element in the unlit stick but once it is lit I can’t pick it out. In fact I can’t pick much of anything out and am left with a pleasant– if generic–  incense.

Golden Lotus: A nice though nondescript incense. A little woody, a little floral, a suggestion of spice. Less floral than Golden Lenteblossom I suppose but it really hard to say much of anything about this one other than it’s ok.

Golden Musk: I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this one because I tend to shy away from musk in perfume. This however is great! A delightfully smokey-sweet musk that has a rich, smooth texture and soft floral undertones. Really pretty!

Golden Myrrh: Sweet and not particularly resinous. Myrrh has an appealing bitter quality to it that this incense does not have. It’s nice but it doesn’t really have a strong direction. UPDATE: The more I burn this the more I like it. I still don’t find this myrrh like or distinctive, but its soft sweetness has really grown on me. Relaxing and easy to enjoy.

Golden Orange Blossom: A sort of generic incense with orange blossom floating in and out.

Golden Rose: A drier rose with a hint of spice. It has softly rosy impression– not harsh or angular like some roses can be. However, the overall scent is weak.

Golden Spicewood: This isn’t particularly spicy to my nose but it has a nice classic incense smell. Another sort of nondescript type but very pleasant and smooth.

Golden Vanilla: A fruity vanilla, but not overly sweet. Pleasant.

Golden Ylang ylang: Floral in tone but not explicitly ylang ylang-y. Ok

The Mother’s Golden incenses retail for $3 and up for a packet of 12 10 inch sticks.

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2 Responses to The Mother’s Golden Fragrances Review

  1. Terra Renee says:

    Thank you so much for this review! I have about 5 packs of Mother’s various Nag Champa scents, and they’re lovely. I was always wondering about their other scents, but couldn’t find hardly any reviews. After reading this and a few glowing reviews on Amazon, I’ve become convinced that I must have Golden Amber and Golden Musk. I love the smell of both amber and musk, so buying two packs (and they’re so cheap!) is easily the best solution.


    • You’re very welcome Renee 🙂 Golden Musk and Golden Amber are terrific. Good call on getting them both! Golden Musk has a unique touch of almond in it to my nose… so beautiful and unusual. Golden Amber is a delight as well. Let me know what you think of them when you try them.


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