Baieido Byakudan Koubunboku

Baieido’s Byakudan Kobunboku is a highly recommended sandalwood incense but to tell the truth, I smell very little sandalwood in it at all. As Indian  sandalwood has been becoming increasingly scarce manufacturers have had to cut back or raise prices. I think Byakudan Kobunboku has been a victim of both but more in the lack of sandalwood than price raising as it is still inexpensive at under $15 for a box of a 1oo 5.5 inch sticks.

As pleasant as it is, I can’t really discern much aside from a relaxing woody-smokiness. Perhaps my nose isn’t sophisticated enough to appreciate it, so I’ll try reviewing it again at a later date.

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3 Responses to Baieido Byakudan Koubunboku

  1. Terra Renee says:

    I recently ordered some Koubunboku. My old box was very nice, but I’m running low. I’m wondering if this new box will smell the same as my old one or weaker. I hope not weaker…but as long as it has a nice, relaxing woody scent, I should enjoy it anyway.

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    • Will you please let me know what you think of it, when it gets to you?


      • Terra Renee says:

        Of course. It’s coming from Essence of the Ages, though, so it might take a few weeks to get here. Yes, I did order it last week. It hasn’t even shipped yet. EotA has only one employee, though, and probably lots of holiday orders, so it’s understandable. I don’t understand how some people have EotA orders that get shipped out the day after they order, though! I’ve never ordered anything that’s taken less than 5 business days to ship! Not even a small order of around 4 packs of Pure Incense!


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