Pure Incense Sandalwood (Connoisseur version)

Sandalwood (Connissuer version) from  Pure Incense is the same thing as their Sandalwood de Luxe. It’s rather smoky but the fragrance is fine and sweet. It has that particular creamy-soft quality that you only get with Mysore sandalwood… which once you smell you never forget. There are also some mild vanilla overtones as well as slight floral notes that enhance the various facets of the sandalwood but they are clearly secondary: sandalwood is the obvious star here. Pure Incense’s Sandalwood is not quite as refined as some Japanese sandalwoods, but it makes up for that with its good humored directness. This upfront sandalwood is easy to love.

All of Pure Incense’s Connoisseur line incenses are available in packs of 9 or so thick-ish sticks which sell for around $9 (expect for their 2 premium vintage agarwoods which are $17.50).

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One Response to Pure Incense Sandalwood (Connoisseur version)

  1. Jen says:

    Have a large order coming from Beth at EoTA and this is one of them, excited to try it. Enjoying your site.


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