Shunkodo Shun Koh Sen

Shun Koh Sen, according to the ad copy, is a blend of Indian sandalwood and Chinese medicinal herbs. Given the state of Indian sandalwood availability I was worried that it might be lacking. Was I ever wrong! Shun Koh Sen is a delight.

As the name suggests, this is a tender and cool incense that recalls the delicate atmosphere of spring. The sandalwood is refreshing and soft with a gentle sweetness. I don’t have enough experience with incense to know what Chinese medicinal herbs smell like, but there is a very charming accent of misty-cool spice that compliments the clear and prominent sandalwood perfectly.

Surprisingly, this sandalwood based incense is very affordable at around $25 for a 170 stick box. Amazing what Shunkodo can do at this price… I’m certainly looking forward to trying more from this line.

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